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Larger Residential Reroof Project

We upgraded the 95 squares of shingles on this beautiful home from a standard laminate shingle to an IR (Impact Resistant) Class 4 shingle. IR Class 4 shingles are designed to withstand battering from hail and other airborne objects more effectively than standard shingles. Further, many insurance companies offer reduced premiums when your home has IR Class 4 shingles.

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Cabin Exterior Renovation

A few highlights:

  • Installed new lifetime architectural shingles and high definition ridge.
  • Beautiful 12″x12″ timbers now support the deck in place of old 4″x4″ treated posts.
  • Replaced all cement-board siding with a high-quality Krak-Master acrylic stucco system. Stucco popouts trim doors, windows and masonry.
  • Economical fabricated concrete stones that mimick the appearance of Colorado river rock enhance the cabin’s harmony with its surroundings.

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Cabinet Refinishing

When we refinish cabinets, we remove all fronts and meticulously tape off everything else so that we don’t get overspray on anything that isn’t supposed to be sprayed. We apply multiple coats of paint or stain for a richly finished final product.

The oak cabinets pictured here were originally blond. The finished product is an attractive American walnut color.

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Miscellaneous Reroof Projects

GAF, CertainTeed, Owens Corning, Tamko and Pabco are only a few of the manufacturers whose roofing products we offer to our customers.

We also do exterior painting, gutter installation and siding installation. On a couple of the homes in this group of photos, we added 6″ gutters and painted all exterior woodwork.

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Formica Laminate to Quartz Countertops Upgrade

We install an assortment of countertop products. In the kitchen pictured here, we replaced a Formica laminate countertop with a quartz countertop. Use of a seaming machine helped us produce flawless joints. Quartz is very heavy, beautiful and durable. It’s also less porous than many countertop material alternatives.

The attractive 60/40 stainless steel farm sink installed beneath this countertop is remarkably functional too. Gone are the days of needing to wash pots or dishes that won’t fit in the sink.

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Chimney Update with Dry Stack Stone

We upgraded this fireplace with dry stack fabricated concrete stone. They have an authentic, beautiful appearance but at a reduced cost to that of real stone.

We accentuated the oak mantel by adding corbels and a rich American walnut stain.

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Mansard Reroof Project

A mansard roof provides useable space that would not be there with a traditionally sloped roof. But shingles are installed a little differently on the steep slopes of mansard roofs.

We install shingles according to the manufacturer’s and the local building department’s specifications for each specific roof slope, shingle series and location.

After installing the architectural laminate shingles on the residence pictured here, we also replaced the damaged #1 cedar wood shingles on the ends of this home. We stained those replacment cedar wood shingles after these photos were taken.

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Carpet to Laminate Flooring Upgrade

We removed all of the carpet in this home and replaced it with a rustic-looking durable floating laminate flooring system.

The first layer of this particular flooring system is a 1/4″ Pergo Gold underlayment. That’s capped with waterproof Pergo laminate wood.

This system is backed by a manufacturer’s Limited Lifetime Residential Warranty or a Limited 10-Year Light Commercial Warranty.

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Backsplash Upgrade

First, we removed the old backsplash and the damaged sheetrock behind it. We replaced that sheetrock with water-resistant greenboard. Then we installed the 17″ tiles that you see in the photos of the finished backsplash.

There is a wide variety of backsplash materials and styles available. We’re happy to help you get the look and functionality that’s important to you in a backsplash.

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Addition of In-Wall Spice Cabinet

Prior to the addition of this custom in-wall spice cabinet, the homeowner was unable to reach anything stored in the rear portion of this pantry.

We designed, stained and installed a side-mounted access door that matches her other kitchen cabinetry. In addition to the handy access to spices, she tells us she can put twice as many goods in her pantry now and still be able to reach any item.

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Repair of Water-Damaged Windows

We replaced water-damaged contractor-grade wooden trim and siding with the impressively durable James Hardie fibre concrete trim and siding.

Water, you will have to find something else to rot. Your playtime here is done.

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In-Floor Electrical Outlet Addition

Do you have a large room in your home that only has outlets on its walls? That’s not uncommon.

But people often need access to power away from the walls. Thankfully, it’s an issue we can solve.

The newly installed floor outlet in this room is now covered by an end table. A lamp sits on the table, and the lamp cord is neatly routed down the back of the table and then under it to the outlet.

No more worries about tripping over an exposed electrical cord…

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Western Cedar Fencing

This recently-installed 1″x6″ western cedar fencing is one of many types or styles of fencing that we sell and install.

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Senior Living Facility Commercial Reroof Project

Large or small or somewhere in between, there are few roofing jobs that we are unwilling to tackle. We’ll help you choose the materials that are best suited for your property and your wallet. And we’ll stand behind our craftsmanship.

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Whether you want simply functional guttering, high-capacity guttering, beautiful decorative guttering, or commercial guttering, we’re here to help you get the guttering and accessories that fit your budget and your taste.

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Outdoor Kitchens

We can help you select, design and install your outdoor kitchen, entertaining and relaxing space. Get away from it all while you’re still at home. Enjoy the fresh air.

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Interior Prep and Paint

Interior or exterior painting? We do both. And we’ll take great care to protect everthing that isn’t supposed to get painted.